Sugar Sugar Scrub - Must Have

 I just received a sample of her 

BUTTER BEER Sugar Scrub smells like Butterscotch.. Yum Yum

Sugar scrubs are made with white sugar, organic sugar, sunflower oil, apricot kernel oil, almond oil, essential oil and fragrant oil. They come with a wooden spoon for easy application in the shower.  Just put a spoonful on, rub & rinse for natural & gentle exfoliation.A must have for exfoliating for your summer tans or for those winter months when skin tends to be dry. Great for hands, feet or your whole body.

A little of Sugar Sugar scrub goes a long way.

Also in her shop are sugar whips, butter lotions, whipped soap, fragrance mists and men items

Over 24 + Scents available
Ships international

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