September 2012 Goblin Goodies Sampler Village Box

18 Samples in total


Boxes are available the 21st of each month

Charmingly Samplicious Sampler Box:
    Includes 15-18 randomly selected samples from our participating  Villagers. (USA & CANADA SHIPPING) $25.00(Shipping is included for delivery to USA, Canadian shipping will $10.00) 

Lavishly Samplicious Sampler Box:
    Includes approx. 30-35 samples randomly selected samples from our participating Villagers. Edibles will be included with some Lavish boxes May-Sept (USA SHIPPING ONLY)$45.00

Yummylicious Treats Sampler Box:
    Our all edibles box. Available October - April (USA SHIPPING ONLY)


CityGirl said…
Neat! Thanks for showing what you got - I just ordered a box; I saw that they discounted the box on Craft Cafe so decided to get one!
marsbar35 said…
Yes.. a great deal since we have to pay the extra $10 for the shipping to Canada.
marsbar35 said…
I got mine free since I sent in 100 samples :)

Will be in Nov├ęDec Christmas box :)

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