The Natural Beauty Box - December 2012

Glad to finually receive this box in which was suppost to be delivered in Dec not Jan due to some issues they had. 
Got the mascara as a bonus for being late. 
22.60 includes shipping
over $100 + value ?
I don't think so.. 
It is now $29.95 (US & Canada) per month + taxes in Canada
Filled with 10-15 DELUXE SAMPLES (if foil samples are included, they will be extra and won't count as one of the 10-15)
95-100% Natural

I do like the box though too expensive now to purchase at the new price & 
Alot of crazy stuff was/ has been going on Facebook that just kinda turned me off alittle. I stayed away , though did read alot that was going on.

Did you like your box? 

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