New International Delight Cafe - Iced Coffee available in 3 flavours

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Was lucky enough to receive these tumblers & some coupons to try out this new Iced coffee drink & to share a few coupons to family & friends.

Bring the coffeehouse to your home at a fraction of the price just a little over 60 cents a glass.
All ready made for your tastebuds to explore.
These taste so good -  Iced Coffee is made from from 100% premium Arabica coffee blended with milk, cream and a touch of flavour - comes in 3 flavours  Vanilla, Mocha & Caramel Macchiato
Retails apx $4.99 
These are creamy - flavourful & perfect for summertime
Even if your not a coffee drinker - many will like this.
Vanilla taste like a coffee cake 
Mocha taste like a Chocolate  & Caramel like butterscotch. 
Add ice for a lighter taste or drink as it is for the full effect. 

Where to purchase - 

FAQs - as per International Delight coffee Facebook page

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