Dlish Cupcakes

Dlish Cupcakes
They have 23 flavours - though all are not made everyday please see link https://www.dlishcupcakes.com/menu for availabilty

$3 single | $17 box of 6 | $33 box of 12   Locations are Queen/Yorkville

Website is https://www.dlishcupcakes.com/

I got to try my 1st Cupcake from Dlish as a Birthday gift treat from a friend. 

I received the Red Velvet as this is my favourite. 

Found the cupcake to be dry and dense & was not moist though the cream cheese frosting was tasty. 

It had a natural taste not artificial

Overall it was a great gift &  will give Dlish cupcakes another try ( a different flavour) 

Maybe it was just this flavour? 

Have you tried Dlish Cupcakes? What are your thoughts?

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