Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Korean-based Company The Face Shop

The Face Shop is a Korean-based company that sell skincare and cosmetic products is now opene at the toronto eaton centre where Fruits & passions used to be.Opened on Black Friday!

Face mask - $2-$3
Nail polish treatments - $4
Hand/Body cream - $5
Water mist - $15
Hand lotion - $5
New Zealand mud blackhead treatment - $2
Argan oil based hair treatment - $14
Face cleansing cloths $3
Nail polish $4-$8
Lipstick $14
Mango Lip scrub $11
Cuticle Cream $5
Nail polish remover $1
Skincare $10-$40 apx
Concealer stick $8

very reasonable prices & great quality products

They give out samples when you buy from them

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