Sunday, September 24, 2017

Handmade jewelry for sale - Think Christmas presents or birthday gifts - Great prices

Jewelry4UCreations offers funky, fresh and feminine designs for the budget-conscious Stylista. Creating sweet, whimsical earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and more, using quality materials, while maintaining affordable prices. Go ahead - indulge your inner Glamourpuss!..
 Bracelet $10
 Chain earrings $5
 Lace Earrings $5 each

 Vintage Earrings $5

 Vintage Earrings $5

 Vintage Earrings $5

Bobby pins 2 for $5 

 Rose Earrings $5 each
Necklace $5 

 Necklace $5
Flowers Earrings $5
Bird Earrings $5 
Rose Earrings $5 each 

Rose Earrings $5 each 

Shipping to Canada only 

Spring/Mother's Day Giveaway - Enter today!

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