Gillette venus violet swirl & touch of olay shaving gel

When I used the violet swirl, I could not even feel the blades on my skin combined with the touch of olay shave gel. The shave was smooth & quick. Didn't see the roller ball move maybe it was how I shave my legs. Found that I am not shaving as much now with using the combination of both products - this is a plus. Who wants to shave every day if you don't have to.

The smell of the shaving cream wasn't overly scented & was quite pleasant.

The purple stuff around the razor, I left it sitting on the wet sink and it got all gooey.  Make sure you put the razor upside down to dry, my mistake.

The razor itself was fashionable looking & pretty purple - would love to see pink, blue, lime green as color options.

Overall both are great

How are tried Gillette violet swirl & or touch of olay shaving gel?

What are your thoughts?

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